Cornell University

Cornell Public Affairs Society (CPAS)


The Cornell Public Affairs Society (CPAS) is the peer-led professional organization of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. Career development, community outreach and alumni networking events are integral parts of annual CPAS programming.

CPAS also organizes a number of social events for CIPA Fellows including orientation receptions, holiday celebrations, internationally focused events, and picnics. The Society's activities are as diverse as the Fellows themselves. As a student-run organization, CPAS affords every Fellow the opportunity to initiate professional and cultural dialogue, as well as influence the direction and focus of the organization. You can stay connected with CPAS by following them on Facebook.

The mission of CPAS is to provide CIPA fellows with equal access to opportunities and experiences that will enhance their professional, interpersonal and leadership skills to prepare them for a successful career in public affairs.

CPAS officers are elected each November, take office in January, and serve for one calendar year.

CPAS Executive Board
   Christine Barker President
  Christine Barker   
  Vice President Telmuun
  Telmuun Byambaragchaa

Zixuan Yao  Treasurer
   Zixuan Yao
Elif Senvardarl   Secretary
   Elif Senvardarl
Kate Bedding   Social Chair
   Kate Bedding
Erica Beversluis   Outreach Chair
   Erica Beversluis

Zixian liu  Intl. Student 
  Zixian Liu
YTezuka   Intl. Student 
   Yasuyuki Tezuka