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Cornell Public Affairs Society (CPAS)


The Cornell Public Affairs Society (CPAS) is the student professional organization of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. Attending and participating in national public policy conferences, career development seminars, and alumni outreach events are an integral part of student activity. CPAS co-sponsors several policy seminars and roundtable discussions on campus each year.

CPAS also organizes a number of social events for CIPA Fellows including orientation receptions, holiday celebrations, the annual International Party, picnics, and a multitude of other events. The Society's activities are as diverse as the Fellows themselves. As a student-run organization, CPAS affords every Fellow the opportunity to initiate debate, as well as personally affect the direction and focus of the organization. Their website can be accessed by clicking here, and you can follow them on Facebook here.

CPAS officers are elected each November, take office in January, and serve for one calendar year.

CPAS Executive Board
  Christopher Hunt 
  Vice Presidentcipa-fellow-13-14_27
  Nicholas Zuba 
cipa-fellow-13-14_03  Treasurer
  Danielle Burgess    
cipa-fellow-13-14_11  Secretary
  Rafael Morales Guzman 
cipa-fellow-13-14_73   Social Chair
   Andrew Joseph 
image_02  Outreach Chair
  Sofia Yglesias   

cipa-fellow-13-14_60  Intl. Student 
  Clemente Avila Parra 
cipa-fellow-13-14_68   Intl. Student 
   Wenhan Xue 


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