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International Affairs Forum (IAF)

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The International Affairs Forum (IAF) is an independent graduate and professional organization that caters to the entire Cornell community. The IAF is an initiative to promote 'Soft Power' in the world of international diplomacy and public policy. It primarily supports the use of 'Soft Power' through inter-faith, inter-cultural and political dialogues, to address the political conflicts of today's world. The IAF facilitates exposure to various issues such as cultural similarities, diverse religious traditions, and soft power. The impetus for creating this Forum emanates from the intellectual desire across the Cornell community to learn about how different cultures, societies, religious, economies and polities of the world community of nations can help public policy professionals and leaders to address political and conflict issues, in a more accountable, democratic and realistic manner. IAF offers forums throughout the academic year presenting student and expert-led panel discussions on timely issues.  IAF seeks to present topics in a balanced manner and to avoid promoting any particular opinions on political, economic and humanitarian issues discussed. 

History of IAF

The IAF was originally established as an initiative of the Cornell Public Affairs Society (CPAS) 2013 Board to prepare leaders in the field of public policy and diplomacy.  Due to the university-wide reception of the programming, organizers opted to expand IAF and found a stand-alone organization that cateredto the needs of this larger Cornell audience.  Abhinav Pandya (Founder IAF Chair and Special Advisor) and Shailly (Founder Secretary-General and Advisor) led this effort. 

Executive Board
   President pgv9
  Pieter Gerard van
  ka394  Vice-President
  Kalrav Acharya
ms2997  Chair, Logistics
  and Administration
  Shamir Shehab    
dmz34   Chair, Outreach
  and Communications

  Diana Ming 
xyz98   Chair, Finance
   Xinze Yao