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Alumni Profile: Arnaub Chatterjee, MPA '08, Senior Expert of Pharmaceutical Data and Analysis at McKinsey and Company


by Amanda K. Jaros

Arnaub Chatterjee, MHA ’07, MPA ’08, is striving to improve health care. To reach that goal, he has worked in many industries to learn how different parts of the system interact.

“For each of the jobs that I’ve had, whether it’s consulting, working for the Obama administration, working for large pharmaceutical companies, or teaching, I’ve been really interested in understanding all the levers and the interrelationships,” Chatterjee says. “If you want to understand the health care system, you have to understand how insurance companies work, how pharmaceutical companies work, how hospital systems work. They all are interdependent upon each other, and you just don’t see it until you get into the weeds.”

Chatterjee’s deeper understanding began with his time at Cornell, where he studied a wide variety of topics from the business of health care to social policy and the evolution of data. “It gave me a robust foundation in health care and an understanding of how the pieces of a really complicated system fit together,” Chatterjee says. 

Now a Senior Expert of Pharmaceutical Data and Analysis at McKinsey and Company, Chatterjee analyzes troves of health care data from traditional sources like patient and insurance records alongside data from new, dynamic sources like consumer purchasing and social media. His passion stems from understanding this data, then bringing together tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and hospitals to find new ways of thinking about health care issues.  

His objective is to use real-world information to create advances in the system, including improvements in billing, pharmaceutical safety, and patient care. It’s an evolving field, and Chatterjee is at the epicenter. As possibilities for change emerge, Chatterjee continues to ask the question: “What can you build?”