Cornell University

Alumni Engagement

Many CIPA Fellows form strong and lasting connections with their Capstone and Public Service Exchange clients, and want to remain connected after they graduate. Some alumni donate their time to volunteer for their partner organization. Some work for the partners upon graduation. Others refer similar projects to CIPA and are clients for future classes of CIPA Fellows.

CIPA alumni are currently working on developing an Alumni Engagement Roundtable to advise on volunteer projects. They are also devising other means for alumni to remain connected to their Capstone community partners and/or to stay engaged with the CIPA Capstone and Public Service Exchange.

If you are interested in:

  • learning more about the Alumni Engagement Roundtable
                   - or -
  • proposing a public engagement project

Please contact: 
Laurie Miller
Associate Director o CIPA Public Engagement & Capstone Instructor
B30 Caldwell Hall  (*Please send mail to 294 Caldwell Hall)