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Environmental Finance and Impact Investment (EFII) Fellows Program

About EFII

Interested in working at the intersection of sustainability, the environment and finance?   Our Environmental Finance and Investment Fellows Program (EFII) will prepare you to do just that.

In collaboration with Cornell University's Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, CIPA launched the EFII Program in the spring of 2011.  It is designed to prepare you for a career as an environmental finance or impact investment professional in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.  Through a series of courses, coupled with applied projects, you will be trained to invest in, manage, and regulate businesses or projects seeking financial, environmental, and/or social goals.

The EFII curriculum provides rigorous training in each of the following four subject areas: Economic and Political Analysis, Finance and Analytics, Science and Technology, and Markets and Regulation.  Completing the EFII Program will enable you to become a successful leader in this diverse, complex, and challenging area of specialty.

Why Study EFII?

The causes and adverse effects of climate change, and the proliferating national goals of energy security and independence, have combined to force the global community to seek to curb emissions of greenhouse gases and design and implement alternative means of cleaner and more secure energy production. The nature, scale, and scope of these challenges and goals require a global market shift toward a low-carbon economy.

The pursuit of this shift to a low-carbon economy has caused governments, international organizations, NGOs, private institutions, and individuals to look beyond, and supplement, more traditional environmental policies focused on command and control regulation to a set of policies, market-based mechanisms and other incentives which are designed to mobilize private sector participation and leverage the advantages of the competitive market place, to facilitate and accelerate a successful response to climate change and the achievement of the goals of energy security and independence.


From an Alum

 "As a member of a Solar PV development company, I believe the training that I received through the EFII program's blend of public sector policy analysis with a strong foundation in private sector finanical/investment analysis keeps me one step ahead of other professionals who have received training in only one of these two key areas."

Chris Herbert, MPA '11
Business Development Associate, Hoku Corporation