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Environmental Policy

MPA Fellows concentrating in Environmental Policy tailor their courses to gain an understanding of current economic, social, political, technical and legal issues regarding the restoration and management of our natural environment, as well as engineering, economic and legal perspectives for analyzing and formulating policy at the national, sub-national and international levels.Study topics can include, for example, the impacts of climate change on our environment and economies, and the interdependencies of the food, water, and energy nexus as society attempts to meet its demands for food, water and energy and reduce its risks from floods, droughts and the pollution of water, air and soil.Public policy has an important and critical role to play in the governance of environmental issues.

Representative Environmental Policy Coursework

PADM 5440:  Topics in Environmental and Impact Investing

BEE 4870: Sustainable Energy Systems

NTRES 6310: Environmental Governance

CRP 5460: Community and Environmental Dispute Resolution

PAM 5970: Economics and Environmental Policy

NS 4450: Sustainable Global Food Systems

*Consult the Course Guide for a more comprehensive list of course offerings.

Representative Environmental Policy Employers (Full Time and Internships)

U.S. and various state Environmental Regulatory Agencies

Baltimore County Commission on Environmental Quality and other county and local environmental agencies.

Agencies responsible for energy policy at the state, national and international levels.

Calvert Investments

Center for Transformative Action

Clean Ocean Action

Global Environmental Facility

International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development

Rails to Trails Conservancy

Agencies of the United Nations

Representative Environmental Policy Occupational Titles

Program Analyst

Public Policy Associate

Research Assistant

For more information on opportunities through our Environmental Policy Concentration:

Richard Benware, Environmental Protection Agency

Capstone Project: California Coalition for Clean Air