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Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner

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  • Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner
  • Title: Lecturer
  • Address: MVR Hall 3M-2
  • Phone: 607-255-4077

Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner brings experience working with environmental policy. Rebecca has more than fifteen years of experience in New York and California as a professional consultant working with government agencies, business, and nonprofit organizations. Her consulting experience focus is environmental but also extends to reorganization, budget management, and building consensus among diverse stakeholders with disparate interests such as community partners, non-profits, industry, and local, state, and federal officials. Included in her roles are a series of projects in California analyzing the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of electric restructuring of a newly deregulated energy markets; assessing potential impacts, and how to mitigate them. Her work also includes implementing environmental policy such as the National Environmental Policy Act, The New York State Environmental Quality Review Act, and the Clean Air Act.
Rebecca has held several roles translating values into practice and policy. She works with communities to reduce vulnerability and build resilience. Rebecca believes understanding shared goals and bridging disparate disciplines we can find common ground and build effective policy for a sustainable future. Rebecca’s academic research objective remains to bridge the gap between policy and science and is a member of the Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience in Practice (VARIP) Project. The results of the VARIP project is in the 2011 Earthscan book, Integrating Science and Policy: Vulnerability and Resilience in Global Environmental Change. Rebecca authored a chapter on the critical review of empirical studies in the vulnerability, adaptation and resilience literature that focuses on the gap between science and policy.
Rebecca Morgenstern Brenner has a B.A. degree from Emory University in both Philosophy and Human and Natural Ecology; and a M.P.A in Environmental Systems Science from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.
Currently, Rebecca is a Lecturer at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. She teaches Consulting for Government and Non-Profit Organizations, Policy Issues in Disaster Recovery and Preventions, Meeting the Policy Challenge, and Comparative Environmental Regulations. Rebecca is an elected official and the Deputy Supervisor for Danby, New York, an appointed board member of Recreation Partnership for the Youth Bureau in the City of Ithaca, and mom of three.