Cornell University
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Cornell Institute for Public Affairs - Informational Video
Curious what life is like for a student in the MPA program at Cornell University? Find out now! This video, created by graduate students at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA), offers student testimonials on what they see as the advanta...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Richard Benware, CIPA MPA 2008
CIPA alumnus Richard Benware serves as a Program Analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington, DC. He discusses how his internship at EPA, and the subsequent Professional Report that he did for them based on his work there, ulti...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Jeremy Pevner, CIPA MPA 2011
CIPA alumnus Jeremy Pevner serves as a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. He discusses how his CIPA coursework--and in particular his work with the Capstone Course and the Public Service Exchange--have translated into critical job skills that...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Alexis Arthur, CIPA MPA 2011
CIPA alumna Alexis Arthur currently serves as a Program Associate at the Inter-American Dialogue, a small think-tank in Washington, DC. She offers insight into her job search, discussing how she leveraged her MPA degree, conducted informational inter...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Su Hyun Kim, CIPA MPA 2009
CIPA alumna Su Hyun Kim currently works for the Inter-American Investment Corporation. She discusses her career path starting with CIPA, where her internship experience was critical in forcing her to reevaluate what would ultimately bring fulfillment...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Mark DeAngelis, CIPA MPA 1992
CIPA alumnus Mark DeAngelis currently serves as the CEO of MacroClimate Solutions, LLC. In addition, he is a Professional in Residence for CIPA's Environmental Impact and Investment (EFII) Fellows Program...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Reza Watts
Reza Watts, a member of the CIPA Class of 2003 and currently working in the Leverage Finance Division of Bank of America, sits down to talk with Point of View at a New York City Networking...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Hunter Gradie
Hunter Gradie, CIPA Class of 2012 and Senior Policy Analyst in the NYC Mayor's Office of Operations, speaks with Point of View at a New York City Networking event....
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Katelyn Purpuro
Katelyn Purpuro, CIPA Class of 2009, currently works in the Labor Relations department of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Here she speaks with Point of View at a New York City Networking Event....
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Meaghan Charkowick '12
2012 CIPA Graduation Speech
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Marquis Hawkins, '12
2012 CIPA Graduation Speech
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Kent Lucken, Managing Director at Citi Private Bank
Mr. Lucken is the president of the US-Asia Institute, a non-profit focused on building relations with Asia, and he serves on the boards of Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for International Affairs and the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art.
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Jackie Miller, EastWest Institute, Describes Her Career in Global Relations, Experience at CIPA
Jackie Miller, Senior Associate in the Trust-Building Initiative at the EastWest Institute, specializing in Russian and Eurasian relations, got her MPA from Cornell and remembers the program fondly...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Phoebe Garfinkel, Graham-Pelton Consulting, Discusses Her Time at CIPA and Unusual Career Path
Phoebe Garfinkel, Strategic Operations Specialist at Graham-Pelton Consulting, Inc., went from farm management to strategic consulting. She discusses this change and the opportunities available to Fellows a CIPA...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Ziyang Nie, PwC, Reflects on the Value of His CIPA Education
Ziyang Nie, PwC Associate specializing in Financial Instruments, Structured Products, and Real Estate, credits his CIPA education as the gateway into the financial world of Price Waterhouse Coopers...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails MPA Program - Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA)
Students and faculty talk about the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA)...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Ron Hira on H1B Immigration Visas Current Debate - Point of View
Mr. Hira was guest speaker at the Temporary Immigrant Workers: Realities and Reform Panel Discussion organized by students of the Capstone of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA)...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Yaron Zelekha Discusses Fiscal Inefficiency, Corruption and Growth in Israel - Point of View
Dr. Yaron Zelekha was Accountant General of the State of Israel from 2003 through 2007. Appointed by then-Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Dr. Zelekha spearheaded transparency reforms in the Finance Ministry's budgeting ...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Ken Green turns from Peace Corps to International Development - Point of View
Point of View interviews Ken Green, President of SusDev Tech, an organization committed to environmental sustainability...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Harold Levy, Former NYC Chancellor of Public Schools discusses Education Policy - Point of View
In this insightful interview, Mr. Levy shares his experiences while he was the New York City Schools Chancellor, and expresses his personal views about the importance of education...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Ana Avendaño, AFL-CIO, explains how to solve Labor-Immigration Issues - Point of View
Ana Avendaño, Assoc. General Counsel And Director, Immigrant Rights Project, AFL-CIO, discusses her career working for worker rights, explains the situation of undocumented workers in the US, and proposes new ways to resolve labor-immigration issues...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Challenges and Success of the Tuzla Summer Institute, Bosnia - Point of View
Mr. Bragdon, together with Ruslan Abdulganiyev and Lillian Aoki, talk about their experiences in the Tuzla Summer Institute (TSI), a four-week educational program that prepares its participants for university education and professional careers...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Rod Gould shares his experience as Santa Monica City Manager - Point of View
Rod Gould discusses his role as a City Manager, describes how the position has evolved since the eighties, and examines the current and future challenges of city management in general...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Gregory Locke, Wilderness Foundation, discusses Environmental Conservation in Chile - Point of View
Gregory Locke, Founder of The Wilderness Foundation in Patagonia, Chile discusses the evolution of conservation in his home country. In particular, he focuses on Chileans' increasing awareness of their unique habitat, and their desire to protect it...
CIPA YouTube Video Thumbnails Candice Anderson explains how to improve children's learning - Point of View
Candice Anderson is Executive Director, Cool Culture, an organization that helps income-eligible families access and enjoy of NYC's world-class cultural institutions for free, providing children with experiences that improve literacy and learning...